Premium injection moulding machines

We are LS Europe

At LS EUROPE, our injection moulding machines are intended  to meet and exceed all global market customers’ technology and quality requirements . By working in partnership with our customers, our aim is to expand into advanced markets with ongoing technology and quality innovations that consistently create value for our customers.

This approach will therefore lead to high and consistent revenue increases by anticipating and understanding market needs in advance and taking advantage of this knowledge and insight as an indicator to continuously drive technology, leadership and innovation within the global market.

Precise and efficient
injection moulding machines


Premium hybrid injection molding machine – 500 ~ 3300 Ton


Electric injection moulding machine – 18 ~ 850 Ton


Two colour/alternative material electric injection moulding machine – 150/250/400 Ton


Hybrid Injection Moulding Machine – 90 ~ 400 Ton


Hybrid Injection Moulding Machine – 450 ~ 4000 Ton

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